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Our mission is to reveal the transformative connection
between employee engagement and performance.

Our Vision

HR professionals are learning today’s workforce is less engaged, less satisfied with their jobs, and more likely to seek new positions. With this in mind, business owners have come to realize that employee turnover is a leading indicator of future business performance.

It’s becoming clear that a business performs only as well as its ability to engage and retain talent. Employers today are realizing that to solve employee performance and retention challenges, three core HR functions require fundamental changes:

  • Performance management needs to shift from “top-down” annual reviews plagued by “recency bias”, to ongoing discussions that are multidirectional and data-driven.
  • Employee engagement cannot just involve surveying employees and events – it must include encouraging and rewarding authentic real-time engagement among employees.
  • Professional development cannot not be something only “good leaders” do well – it must be a cornerstone of the manager/direct report relationship.

Tasked with improving employee engagement, performance and retention, HR leaders and business owners are now searching for next-generation tools to help facilitate these changes. Their need creates our mission: Build software that is essential for both employers and employees to achieve their goals.

At Goalee, we believe communication in the workplace is still fundamentally broken, and this dysfunction results in unhappy employees that leave, and underperforming businesses that fail. We believe the root problems that cause employee turnover and underperforming businesses are not addressed with the tools available to employers today.

We are building tools that fundamentally change the way employees engage each other, resulting in stronger connections, better collaboration, better retention, and business success. Our product is where performance management and employee engagement meet, and that’s why we call it the Goalee Performance Engagement™ platform.

Our Core Values

We strive to live our core values at the center of how we operate, and we ask our people to #speak-candidly if they ever feel we are not living up to them.

  • #health-first Focus on your physical and mental health first.
  • #coworkers Treat your coworkers like customers.
  • #delight-our-customers Delight our customers with every interaction.
  • #speak-candidly Speak candidly and without fear.
  • #think-crazy Think of crazy ideas that just might work.
  • #results-over-rules Value results over rules.
  • #wins-and-lessons Celebrate both wins and lessons.
  • #keep-it-simple Keep things simple and easy to understand.

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