Reduce turnover. Accelerate growth.

Goalee merges performance management with employee engagement.
It’s software for building happy teams that deliver results.

  • When employees feel frustrated or unproductive, they leave.

  • There’s nothing worse than losing a great employee due to issues that only surface when it’s too late.
  • During exit interviews, former employees often mention frustration when collaborating with individuals or teams, plus a general concern that “things aren’t working.”
  • If exiting employees believe “things” aren’t working, it’s highly likely that other employees feel the same way.
  • Employee frustration and business underperformance are both a result of poor communication.

  • When employees struggle to communicate, both they and your business underperform. The “things” that frustrate employees also lead to slow growth:
  • Minimal coaching or feedback from managers
  • Few meaningful workplace interactions
  • Poorly-defined goals and expectations
  • Irregular communication between teams
  • Unproductive, ineffective meetings
  • Concerns raised are never addressed
  • Goalee Performance Engagement helps employees adopt behaviors that lead to better communication and less frustration.

  • When teams work better together, issues get resolved faster. Productivity increases. Morale gets a boost. Employees stay longer. And businesses grow faster. When you use Goalee, employee frowns really do turn upside down:
  • Everyone has clear goals and expectations
  • Meetings and conversations are more productive
  • Teams work better together
  • Managers become better coaches and leaders
  • Problems are surfaced and solved
  • Employees feel recognized and rewarded
  • Goals/OKRs

    Goalee makes it easy for everyone to define, assign and achieve goals.

  • Bring transparency to company and team priorities, encourage ownership of individual initiatives, and help employees achieve a few personal wins, too.
  • Track individual, department and company goals
  • Create wellness or other personal challenges
  • Get timely updates on goal progress in your inbox
  • Give encouragement, assistance or recognition
  • Conversations

    Goalee helps ensure conversations always have structure and purpose.

  • Create more frequent dialogue between individuals, managers and teams, while ensuring that all meetings start with agendas and end with action items.
  • Start 1-on-1 or group conversations with anyone
  • Set recurring meeting schedules with agendas
  • Prepare for meetings with custom questionnaires
  • Access a full archive of previous discussions
  • Feedback

    Goalee creates a safe space for everyone to speak and be heard.

  • Encourage the sharing of constructive feedback and coaching in a secure forum with intuitive privacy controls.
  • Give feedback to individuals or groups
  • Request inbound feedback on specific topics
  • Give thanks for great feedback
  • Control privacy and anonymity on all messages

Create a workplace with less frustration and more results.

Make everyone feel good about where they work, and how they perform.

  • They feel management is invested
    in their professional growth.
  • They feel empowered to suggest
    changes that benefit everyone.
  • They feel their performance is
    fairly measured and rewarded.
  • They address team issues quickly,
    building team confidence.
  • Their team gets better at
    with other teams.
  • They lose fewer team members
    for reasons that are avoidable.
HR Professionals
  • They spend less time on recruiting
    tasks due to high turnover.
  • They spend less time personally
    employee issues.
  • They can easily collect and report
    key employee metrics.
  • They gain an unfiltered view of
    how employees feel and perform.
  • They plug revenue leaks caused
    by turnover and dysfunction.
  • They get the data needed to make
    great personnel decisions.
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