The Performance Engagement Platform

Goalee keeps employees aligned, motivated and always performing at their best.


Start conversations. Achieve goals. Reduce turnover. Grow.

Everything you need to engage and retain a high-performance workforce.


Keep everyone informed and
focused on what matters.


Get people talking so issues
are surfaced and solved.


Encourage the sharing of feedback
in a safe, secure forum.


Ensure people feel appreciated
when they do great things.

Better Performance Management

Connect personal achievement to organizational achievement.

Help employees grow while they help grow your business.

  • Goals/OKR Management
    Track goals for individuals, departments or the entire company.

  • Goal Model™ Career Profiles
    Give employees tools to help them define an ideal career path.

  • Personal Challenges
    Help employees partner to raise money, lose weight and more.

  • Digital Library
    Create and share useful assets, or find helpful online courses.

Better Employee Engagement

Stop losing good employees because of bad communication.

Make it easy for anyone to “raise a glass,” or raise a concern.

  • 1-on-1 & Group Conversations
    Make continuous, productive discussions part of your work culture.

  • Secure Feedback Forum
    Give and receive candid feedback with flexible privacy settings.

  • Questionnaires & Surveys
    Build forms to collect structured answers to important questions.

  • Employee Recognition
    Make it easy for employees to give and receive praise that goes viral.

Better Company

Create a workplace with less frustration and friction.

Make everyone feel good about where they work.

  • They feel management is invested
    in their professional growth.
  • They feel empowered to suggest
    changes that benefit everyone.
  • They feel their performance is
    fairly measured and rewarded.
  • They address team issues quickly,
    building team confidence.
  • Their team gets better at
    with other teams.
  • They lose fewer team members
    for reasons that are avoidable.
HR Professionals
  • They spend less time on recruiting
    tasks due to high turnover.
  • They spend less time personally
    employee issues.
  • They can easily collect and report
    key employee metrics.
  • They gain an unfiltered view of
    how employees feel and perform.
  • They plug revenue leaks caused
    by turnover and dysfunction.
  • They get the data needed to make
    great personnel decisions.
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